Organic farm and learning Center rises in UP IS

THE rice shortage crisis brought to the table a number of suggestions to counter the problem such as mixing camote with rice or going after rice hoarders. However, most do not realize that the problem can be countered with a very simple – yet realistic – solution. We just have to “go back to the basics.”

This was the recommendation of Annie Guerrero, founder and president of the Center of Culinary Arts, Manila (CCA, Manila) and the Cravings Group of Companies, when she led the opening and blessing of the UP Integrated School (UPIS) Organic Farm and Learning Center recently.

“In the face of the looming food crisis, we must encourage people to go into organic gardening. It is not only beneficial in terms of budget saved but will also be beneficial for our health and nutrition in the long run,” Guerrero said.

The UPIS Organic farm & Learning Center was inaugurated to commemorate the Golden Anniversary of the UP High School Batch of 1958.

“The project was conceptualized from the seed fund provided by my US-based batch mates of only $1,700. They were very happy that the fund will be used for the benefit of the environment,” she added.

As of the moment, the first phase of the project was already completed. Now fully-operational, the center will serve as a training ground in organic gardening, composting, vermi-culture and waste management. It will also serve as laboratory for the UPIS students under the Practical Arts Department and will support the complete organic implementation of RA 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. The farm produce is now the source of the ingredients of the Cravings Salad Bar.

The UPIS Organic Farm is open to the public. It is located at the UPIS along Katipunan avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. For inquiries and group orientation/training, call 42601338 c/o Adelle or e-mail:

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