NEWS: TXTPower welcomes zero texting charges, bats for refund

May 24, 2008

TXTPower welcomes the calls by the DOTC secretary and several members
of Congress, for the removal of text messaging charges.

At the moment, we hope the DOTC secretary has ordered his staff to
calculate how much the telcos owe consumers since they started
charging for text messaging. All these illegal charges must be
refunded. The refunds should also cover the VAT illegally levied on
text messaging, not just the illegal telco charges.

The NTC and the BIR should work together to find out how much the
telcos and the government owe the consumers and to find out the
quickest and most fair way of undertaking a refund.

We have long argued that text messaging is a built-in service of the
GSM standard used by telcos and should thus be provided for free but
government refuses to listen. We are thus surprised by the sudden turn
around of the DOTC secretary and members of Congress. We expect them
to uphold the law regarding franchises and to correct their oversight
that allowed the telcos to fleece consumers up to now.

We are prepared to face the telcos, the NTC and the BIR before any
forum because we have long waited for this chance to expose the
highway robbery on consumers: the mislabeling of text messaging as a
value-added service, the NTC’s assent, the illegal charging and the
illegal slapping of VAT and the long silence over these by the

We have friends who are experts in the fields of mobile telephony and
electronics and communications engineering who back us up and would
surely sound advice to the DOTC secretary and Congress on the
technological basis for removing text messaging charges. ###

Anthony Ian Cruz “Tonyo”


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