NCCP Statement on Ka Bel’s Death

May 21, 2008

Statement on Ka Bel’s Death

National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) joins the people
in mourning the passing away of Anak Pawis Party List Representative
Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran. Ka Bel was a man who lived a life utterly
dedicated to the struggle for justice. He was truly a man for others.

was misunderstood by those who held that life was all about being
identified with the ruling elite. He was maligned by those threatened
by his advocacy for just compensation for workers and land to the
tillers. He was demonized, hunted down, and jailed by the
powers-that-be and their sycophants.

But he was loved by the
toiling masses and all who cherished genuine freedom and peace. He was
a cut above the rest in his unswerving belief in the human capacity to
break free from those who oppress them. He may not have lived to see
his dream come to fruition, but, the seeds of struggle he has sown is
even now being nurtured on fertile ground – to germinate, bloom and
bear fruit in time.

We reach out to the family of Ka Bel. We thank you for sharing Ka Bel to the people. We shall be forever grateful.

God’s abundance which Ka Bel worked and fought for be upon us all. May
God receive a most worthy son. Ka Bel’s spirit will live on in the
people’s fight for just peace and freedom. Mabuhay si Ka Bel!

Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!

General Secretary
National Council of Churches in the Philippines
879 EDSA, West Triangle, 1104 Quezon City
phone: (632) 9293745
fax: (632) 9267076

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