LFS pays tribute to Ka Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran

The League of Filipino Students (LFS) and its chapters nationwide pays
its highest tribute to Rep. Crispin Beltran, a great revolutionary
leader, a man who constantly and tirelessly devoted his life for the
interests of the working masses, especially the poor.

We salute Ka Bel for his lifelong dedication to upholding the national
democratic aspirations of the oppressed people. We especially look up
to him for remaining firm and courageous despite the constant
harassment and fascist acts of violence imposed upon his person by the
enemies of the Filipino people.

We remember Ka Bel for his simplicity and humility. His life and
person embodied the activist principle: simpleng pamumuhay, puspusang
pakikibaka. While being a Congressman, he rejected the corrupt
practices in government and exposed the rottenness of traditional
politics. Unlike the Arroyo’s, their minions and yellow trade union
leaders, Ka Bel never used position for personal ends, and always
represented the voice of the working class and the poor.

There is no reason for the enemies of the people to celebrate with the
passing away of Ka Bel, as he left the Filipino people an example of
genuine leadership, activism and struggle in the face of exploitation
and state terror. Ka Bel showed the people that it was possible to
attain victories in the struggle if the Filipino people unites in the
assertion of their rights.

Ka Bel taught us that another society, a society free from
exploitation, free from abuse, is possible, and that the struggle for
which is the path that the Filipino people must take.

Ka Bel’s heroism will serve as inspiration to the Filipino youth and
students to continue and intensify the struggle against the fascist
and anti-people Arroyo regime. We will make sure that his relentless
fighting spirit will continue haunt this government through bigger
mass protests.

We are calling on LFS members, students and young people nationwide to
hold protest actions, tribute meetings and to prepare for student
walk-outs in the first days of school. We must continue the heroism of
Ka Bel and intensify the national democratic struggle.

Ipagpatuloy ang kabayanihan ni Ka Bel!
Mabuhay ang Pambansa-Demokratikong Pakikibaka!

Visit the NEW LFS WEBSITE: http://www.lfs.ph

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