Attempted rape, grave threat are only two of 4 cases against Ancheta

By Ines B. Tagacay

AS IF his murder case is not enough, controversial City Police Supt. Enrique Ancheta is facing four more cases filed against him on May 12 by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Investigation bureau Executive Officer Atty. Alex Cabornay said the new cases are “attempted rape, grave threat, violation of Republic Act 7438 or the Expanded Rights of the Accused Under Custodial Investigation and maltreatment of prisoner.”

Ancheta in police uniform with Vice-Mayor Lucillo R. Bayron of Puerto Princesa.

Cabornay said the NBI has reasons to believe that the cases are matters for the court to settle that’s why they were filed.

The cases stemmed from a complaint filed at the NBI by a certain Cirene Buezon, 24 years old, a resident of Tondo, Manila and currently a resident of Barangay San Manuel, and Barangay Manggahan chairman Gregorio Viguesilla.

“Aside from the murder that we filed against P/Supt. Ancheta, we filed four new cases against him at the Fiscal’s Office,” he said, stating three policemen and a policewoman are also included in the list of those who are going to be sued. The NBI chief did not name the policemen who are being accused.

A member of the Kilos Agad Action Center (KAAC), Janrex Lorilla, is also being sued for “unlawful arrest” by the NBI.

As of press time, Ancheta has a total of five cases to deal with. In an exchange of text messages with the Palawan Times, the beleaguered City PNP official denied all accusations against him, including mauling, beating and watching while the alleged victim is being forced to perform lewd acts on a naked policeman.

“All their accusations against me are not true, they’re all lies,” Ancheta said. He vowed that whoever is orchestrating the cases against him can expect that he will not buckle and will continue to arrest individuals who will break the law.

“My campaign against crime and lawlessness will continue and these people who are behind these cases will not make me go away. I will continue to protect the residents of Puerto Princesa,” Ancheta said.

Cabornay said Buezon was mistaken to be an “exhibitionist” that was why he was arrested by Lorilla of KAAC and was brought to the City PNP. At the police station, the suspect was brought inside the office of Ancheta.

“It was in the office of Ancheta where he said he was maltreated and beaten,” Cabornay narrated, adding Buezon was first brought to a doctor for medical examination before he was handled roughly.

On the attempted rape accusation, Ancheta was charged for being an accomplished. The victim allegedly told the NBI that the police chief was there when one of his men who went naked forced him to do a lewd act.

“We have a new law and it says rape also includes the male,” the NBI chief explained.

The new charges against Ancheta have already reached the knowledge of PNP Regional Director Chief Supt. Luisito Tinio Palmera, who immediately ordered the Palawan PNP Provincial Command to conduct a pre-charge evaluation.

He said this is “part of the due process” that any PNP official must go through when there are cases filed in court. Police Col. Dennis Peña would have to determine if there is probable cause for the filing of an administrative case against Ancheta.

As of this writing, Palmera is just waiting for the result of the pre-charge evaluation before he makes any decision.

“Regarding Ancheta’s cases, we have already required the Palawan PNP Provincial Command to submit a pre-charge evaluation report. We will have to wait for this to give him due process.

2 Responses to “Attempted rape, grave threat are only two of 4 cases against Ancheta”

  1. erick ancheta Says:

    For the information of everybody all my cases both criminal and administrative charges were been dismissed.Thank God!!!!!!!

  2. mamerto loreto Says:

    Grabe ilusyon mo ancheta, everybody can check the record of the Ombudsman for Military and Other Law Enforcement Officers. OMB-P-A-08-1016-K for: Grave Misconduct. Bale ang resulta ay ancheta was found guilty by the Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer I and the Director Eulogio S. Cecilio whicvh was recommended for approval by Emilio A. Gonzales, III (Deputy Ombudsman for Military and other law enforment Offices and consequently was approved by Ma. Merceditas N. Gutierrez, the then Ombudsman. I have seen this record from the office of the Ombudsman ready for released when I accidentally visited the office.

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