Looking for Randy Malayao (5)

Before Randy became the National Vice Chair for the Visayas, he was
responsible for almost single-handedly reviving the Western Visayas
chapter of the Guild in the 1990s. He was all over the region
organizing chapters and bringing the Guild closer to the school
publications to the point that he helped campus pubs in their issue
planning, lay-out, etc.

He is a good friend and colleague who never let us down. And we
shouldn’t let him down now.

Some former Guilders in Western Visayas have already expressed shocked
over this dastardly act. We will help in any way we can even as Manila
would be the main focus of our campaign.

For Guilders in Western Visayas, please email me privately or text me
your mobile phone number so that we can reach you in case we will meet
here in Iloilo. We will also try to ask the support of teachers and
the administration of UP in the Visayas and also Randy’s fraternity
brods (Beta Sigma).

Nestor Burgos Jr.
former Secretary General
CEGP-Iloilo chapter


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