Mabinay has highest malnutrition rate

THE Integrated Provincial Health Office recent nutritional survey identified the town of Mabinay of having the highest malnutrition rate.

Based on the results, it was learned that Mabinay town has the highest recorded malnutrition rate while Dauin has the lowest rate.

The survey was part of the agency’s Operation Timbang conducted from January to March this year.

In a confirmatory meeting, the Provincial Nutrition Council revealed that of the towns, Mabinay ranked the highest malnutrition rate with 22.1 followed by Vallehermoso with 18.4, and Manjuyod with 18.1.

The town that recorded the lowest malnutrition rate is Dauin at a rate of 3.2.

As for cities, Canlaon received the highest malnutrition rate with 11.7, followed by Bayawan City with 10.3, and Tanjay City, 10.

Dumaguete City meanwhile ranked fourth with a malnutrition rate of 6.4 and Tanjay RHU 2 got the lowest rate with 4.2.

A total of 181, 182 children in the province aged zero to 71 months old were weighed during the Operation Timbang.

It is still currently ongoing with the results expected to be completed by June this year in time for the Nutrition Month celebration. (SunStarDumaguete)

One Response to “Mabinay has highest malnutrition rate”

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