Military abducted 6 Guihulngan farmers: Karapatan

GUIHULNGAN CITY, Negros Oriental — Six farmers were allegedly abducted Wednesday morning by military men in the mountainous barangay here, suspecting them to be members of the underground Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

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Sarah Alvarez of Karapatan-Bacolod issued this statement in a text message sent to media outlets.

Alvarez said the six farmers were abducted separately in their homes in Barangay Linantuyan, Guihulngan City without the consent of their immediate relatives and friends.

The victims are Genaro Ferolino and couple Pio and Magdalena Mata, all of Sitio Taklungan, and couple David and Elizabeth Bahinting of Sitio Kaningag of same barangay. The sixth victim is only identified as a certain Regie.

Alvarez said their office had confirmed that those responsible in the abduction are military men under the 11th Infantry Battalion headed by 1st Lieutenant Joseph Buencamino, who also serves as the commanding officer based in the same barangay.

As of this writing Friday, the six victims has not yet returned to their respective homes.

The team of Buencamino is encamped inside the Linantuyan barangay hall.

Alvarez added that the victims were allegedly brought to the Charlie Company Headquarters situated in Barangay Mc Kinley, Guihulngan City. (SunStarDumaguete)

4 Responses to “Military abducted 6 Guihulngan farmers: Karapatan”

  1. dark_soul Says:

    this is a hoax.. sana gawin nyo namang tama ang balita nyo. I know someone from 11th Infantry Battalion and pati sila nagulat sa balitang ito.

  2. barangayrp Says:


    thanks for allotting precious time to drive a point.

    i can’t answer about your claim that the story was a hoax, but please be assured that i will be looking for updates over the net regarding the matter.

    better yet, you can present here your data, and let’s hope that SunStar will pick it up for them to verify their info.

    please notice though the word “allegedly” on the first paragraph of the item.

    thank you very much!

  3. Guihulnganon Says:

    CHR Investigator for Oriental Negros, Jess Canete, just made a pronouncement regarding the “alleged” abduction of the 6 farmers by the Philippine Army. He interviewed 4 of the 6 farmers in Linantuyan when he went there this past week.


    PNP and the Fiscal’s office of guihulngan have records and pictures of these farmers (former militant peasant tax collectors for the NPA) filing a case against their leader Lourdes Baloy to substantiate this claim. How can you say they were abducted when they sought the help of the Army and the PNP to assist them in exerciseing their democratic rights?

    Obviously this is again black propaganda being spread by the Karapatan to discredit the Government, the PNP, and the AFP.

    I have come face to face with Zara Alvarez so many times here in our beloved Guhulngan City. She can never show her face here again for fear of being laughed at and dismissed as a common liar. It has already happened in Brgys Magsaysay and in the City Market. That’s why they rattle the cages from the safety of Bacolod. Wake up People! Wake up to the lies of these wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  4. barangayrp Says:

    to those who are planning to post comments here, I would like you to know that i am grateful for the interest you’ve shown to my little blog.

    but being the owner of this site, i am refusing any below-the-belt remarks. any opposing views can always make this section an avenue to debate, argue and present differing points, but i will certainly never allow name-callings, red-baiting, macho-pig remarks in my site.

    i appeal to those who tried to air their not so academic arguments. please tone down. be civil. my readers are reading your thought, and i think that would be enough to drive your point.

    thanks again.

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