Catholic school head asks justice on killing of Datu

THE president of the Assumption College of Davao pressed local authorities to hasten the investigation on the strafing incident that killed a tribal chieftain and wounded his wife and two daughters in Sitio Kahusayan, Barangay Manuel Guianga last April 29.
An article on the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines website ( posted on May 13 stated it has been two weeks since K’lata-Bagobo chief, Datu Dominador Diarog, was killed. “We appeal to the city government for a speedy investigation so that justice will soon be served,” the article quoted Sr. Marietta Banayo of the Missionaries of the Assumption as saying.Banayo said the killing of an innocent tribal chieftain “deserves condemnation as it blatantly shows disrespect to the indigenous peoples’ culture.”
She added the government should be sensitive with the issue since it also affects the peaceful existence of the indigenous communities in the city.”It is sad to note that sometimes justice is being compromised in favor of the mighty while the least of our citizens who were victims still suffer,” Banayo said.Police investigators are looking into the land dispute as the possible motive into the killing. Diarog’s family members and relatives, however, placed the blame on the expansion of the Prayer Mountain of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.
The slain tribal chief’s two-hectare property sits at the boundary of barangays Manuel Guianga and Tamayong, where the Prayer Mountain is located.
Earlier, the victim’s widow, Emily Diarog, said Tamayong barangay chief Gregorio Canada has been offering them money to sell their land to Quiboloy, the last time was in March when the barangay official attempted to give them P50,000 in exchange for their land.
Quiboloy has denied the allegations.
“We do not wish to dignify the initial reports linking our congregation to the unfortunate incident that happened in a nearby barangay adjacent to the covenant mountain and prayer center in Tamayong,” Quiboloy said.”We strongly deny these as totally false and baseless, if not ridiculous,” the pastor added.Meanwhile, Banayo said it is imperative for the local government to come up with a proper and impartial investigation. “We trust in God that in due time the truth shall come out,” Banayo said, who also asked the people to pray for justice for the Diarog family. (MindanaoTimes)

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