Immediate remedy for city power problem needed

IN THE power summit held recently, Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes said there is a need to solve the growing power problem in Iloilo City.

According to Reyes, possible power solutions should be opened following the rapid occurrence of rotating brownouts in the city, which greatly affected the business establishments.

On the other hand, National Power Corporation (NPC) President Cyril del Callar said that much electricity is consumed in Iloilo City during peak hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This high consumption often causes low voltage in some parts of the city as electricity becomes unevenly distributed.

During the conference, Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas and some members of the business sector mentioned the importance of putting up a coal-fired power plant in the city to aid in the need for more electricity. This will also regulate the occurrence of power blackouts.

They said coal-fired power plant is a cheap source of energy and is in fact, not that harmful to health, contrary to what some environmental groups say.

They added that with the coal-fired power plant, power rates will decrease and it would encourage more investors to put up businesses in the city.

Meanwhile, it turned out that the 15 one-megawatt generator sets supposedly provided for the city and hoped to help in the power problem are used for the whole of Panay Island.

With this, others fear that it still won’t be enough to boost the city’s power supply.

(Sunstar Iloilo)

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