The worst is yet to come — NFA

BAGUIO CITY (Apr. 28) — Although National Food Authority (NFA) Provincial Manager Rolando S. Rufo said that there is enough rice supply for the province of Benguet, he had to agree with Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda that “the worse is yet to come” for the rice situation.

For now, both commercial and NFA rice could still sustain the needs of the city. But how long will the supply last?

Rufo reiterated that there is enough supply for the province and said that the problem lies in the distribution of rice to the barangays. Rice is “not being aggressively distributed”, he added. It is hard for NFA officers to monitor priority consumers when they open their venues because residents from other barangays also line up. Rice is distributed through 10 Tindahan Natin outlets here in Baguio, Bigasan sa Parokya with five outlets, two Rolling Stores, and Bigasan ni Gloria sa Palengke with seven outlets.

According to Rufo, there is a total of 140,000 bags of rice intended for Baguio, and the consumption of this is only good for half a month. He also assured that the supplies will be refreshed, but when asked when exactly will we experience the rice shortage, he said that July to September will be the months for a more precarious rice situation. # Claudine D. Mariano for NORDIS

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