Rice Crisis (News and Analysis)

Archbishop Dosado: ‘Rice crisis a political issue’

OZAMIS CITY, April 29, 2008―Archbishop Jesus Dosado, CM said the so-called rice crisis diverts the public’s attention from the real issues involving corruption.

Interviewed at his residence prior to a meeting with the Ozamis clergy Tuesday morning, Dosado said the high demand for rice was due to manipulation “to cover-up the greater issue of corruption.” The prelate also said the province of Misamis Occidental as in other provinces have no rice shortage.


Cebu archdiocese: Rice subsidy reduction anti-poor

CEBU CITY, April 29, 2008—The government’s decision to decrease subsidy allocation for NFA rice is anti-poor, according to Cebu Archdiocese spokesman Msgr. Achilles Dakay.

The NFA rice is currently being subsidized by the government at P18.25 to make it affordable to the poor.


More on the Rice Crisis: Profiteering and Poverty

If there is no shortage, locally and internationally, and no compelling reason for the increases in rice prices and yet it is happening then somebody is making a hefty profit out of it at the expense of the majority of the Filipino people.

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